Thursday, December 18, 2014

Disturbing Video: Man films US cops beating suspect, gets arrested

(VIDEO) Police in Colorado have arrested a man who witnessed an officer brutally punching a suspect earlier this month.



wow said...

wasn't the guy getting beaten a heroin dealer? Show the whole story please. The U.S. media just makes everything worse than it actually is. I feel bad for the U.S.

wow said...

didn't he resist arrest at 1:12-1:20?
crappy music btw

corkie said...

What does that have to do with the police destroying evidence and using their power to retaliate against a citizen that uploads a video that they don't like?

wow said...

because people like you, question their judgement without getting the full facts.

Typically if you look at this video you would be like, "wtf i hate cops" but getting the full facts and find out the dude is a scummy heroin dealer, the dude should have been deported a long time ago.
On an unrelated note to what happened in NYC which is terrible it brought up this "Death to cops" chant in NYC. Do you think the situation is going to get any better? There are much better ways to handle it. Cops already fear for their lives as it is, this is going to make them more hostile. You don't need to take a psychology class to figure that out.

Happy Chappy said...

The police are supposed to uphold the law irrespective of who they are dealing with, criminal or not. A court of law decides the guilt or innocence of an individual taking into account all the evidence put before it, the police don't and shouldn't. You have a big problem in the US because in general your police by the standards of other advanced western societies are extremely unprofessional and to be quite honest, incompetent. Police have to be seen to be fair and just to gain the respect of the general population, beating the shit out of someone, guilty or not undermines that respect.

Happy Chappy said...

What level of intelligence and education is required to become a police officer in some states of the US? Judging by this video and other recent similar events, it must be pretty low. I find it difficult to understand how people holding such an important position in society, can be so stupid.

wow said...

I don't live in the US, I do think American police need more schooling since they all seem illiterate. Maybe that will help them be more professional.

But categorizing all of the western world's police as corrupt compared to the rest of the world is extremely laughable. You are plain stupid and should also go to school if you seriously think that. Just saying.

World Issues Truth said...

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