Friday, July 31, 2015

US govt never minded Americans killing rare lions before Cecil – WikiLeaks document

Earth-Touch Lion Botswana
(RT) WikiLeaks has unveiled a secret document on US hunters in Zimbabwe allegedly sent from a US official to the CIA, casting light upon the recent killing of Cecil the lion, a popular attraction to Zimbabwean Hwange National Park’s visitors.

A 2008’s classified memo signed by James D McGee, the-then US ambassador to Zimbabwe, has revealed that the US government knew about and approved of its citizens going trophy hunting to South Africa, says WikiLeaks.

Though Obama administration officials say they are “deeply concerned” with what has happened and are eager to help the Zimbabwean government with an investigation if need be, the recently leaked document makes the issue more complicated. The memo implies that the only thing the US government is concerned about in the matter is “serious risks that Americans could be implicated in smuggling and poaching operations,” with no apparent sympathy for the endangered species being killed merely for fun by rich tourists.

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