Sunday, January 04, 2015

'Spook First' GCHQ to start recruiting tech graduates to work as spies

(VIDEO) Britain's best and brightest are now being offered an extravagant option for the start of their careers. The government's proposing that young web experts and tech graduates work at least two years as spies. Anastasia Churkina's got more details on the programme.


wow said...

"advanced western societies are extremely unprofessional and to be quite honest, incompetent"

i suggest you might reword that then. I don't think you read that clearly, dumbass.

Happy Chappy said...

My God you are so thick, I'm reluctant to tell you again because you are so f-ing stupid but here we are:

'in general' notice those two words 'in general'.

'in general your police by the standards of other advanced western societies are extremely unprofessional'.

wow said...

hahahah this is so funny. Hopefully English isn't your first language.
We will do this your way then. "In general", most likely your country's police force is much more less educated and corrupt than any western police force except for maybe the U.S.
What country are you from? Please don't saya country in: Asia, Middle East or South America or you will really make me laugh. You don't even have to go to school and they mostly blindly follow without rules being set in concrete unless it's a rule by the leader in power aka non democratic.

Happy Chappy said...

I'm English, you know where the language you speak, at least a bastardised form of it comes from. You obviously didn't learn comprehension at school as illustrated by your failure to understand and comprehend good English. So I give up, you are apparently happy being stupid so I will let you get on with in. 'Much more less educated' that takes the biscuit, I shall remember that one when I want to have a little laugh. Take care and no hard feelings.

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