Thursday, January 30, 2014

Google Dumps Motorola, Keeps The Patents

(TechDirt) Back when Google first bought Motorola Mobility it was obvious that it was entirely about the patents. While there are still plenty of questions as to whether or not those patents are any good, Google needed to get its hands on a big bunch of patents for defensive reasons pretty quickly, and after losing out on Nortel's patents, picking up Motorola was apparently the quickest way.

In fact, quite a few people expected Google to just dump Motorola's handset business quickly, in part to avoid competing with a variety of other Android partners, like Samsung and HTC. We even predicted that Google would likely sell off the handset business and keep the patents. However, Google insisted for a while that it was really going to make a go of being in the handset business itself.

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joe said...

uh, no surprise there

kane said...

makes me wanna pump this!

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